Gap Year Traveller

Did you decide to take some time off from your studies or work to go travelling? Why not using this time to make a difference while exploring the world! Make powerful use of your already existing skills and the creative mindset you develop while traveling to new places and encountering different cultures and people. Make a challenge online or go and actually assist a Social Enterprise in the field, either way you can make a great contribution!

Why get involved?


to get




Browse through our available project challengesThese challenges are all developed and related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals.



Find something that matches your interests and skills? Go ahead and apply! You can also leave an open application to show your interest and we will get back to you if something comes up!


Start ‘rewoping’!

If your application was accepted by the Social Enterprise, we will connect you in order for the Rewoping and challenge to get started. We expect that you will complete the task as described in the separate project challenge agreement that is signed before the project is started by you as well as by the representative of the Social Enterprise. This regards both the task(s) in itself and the timeframe.  


Digital certificate

After completing a project challenge, you will receive a digital certificate (link) as a proof of your accomplishment. If agreed to by the representative of the Social Enterprise, you will also receive a letter of recommendation from the social project of which you performed the challenge for assuming all criteria stated in the project challenge agreement have been fulfilled.