Social Enterprises

All around the world, Social Enterprises and projects are fighting to make this world a better place. Projects that are big on drive but low on resources or/and knowledge and skills, and thereby are in need of external support of various kind. At Rewopme we want to help your Social Enterprise to get the support that you need.

Why get involved?


to get




Register your Social Enterprise through the registration form. To speed up the process, please be as specific as you can and fill our the form thoroughly.


Announce your project challenge(s)

Inform us about the project challenge(s) that you need support with by filling out the project challenge template. Don’t forget to link it to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals!


Wait for a Rewoper

Once a Rewoper with the right type of skills have applied for your challenge, we will connect you in order for the Rewoping and challenge to get started. We expect that you will adhere to the terms specified in the separate project challenge agreement that is signed before the project is started by you as well as by the Rewoper. 


Evaluation activities

After completing a project challenge, the Rewoper will receive a digital certificate as a proof of his or her accomplishment. If agreed upon before the start of the challenge, as a representative of the Social Enterprise you will provide the Rewoper with a letter of recommendation assuming all criteria stated in the project challenge agreement have been fulfilled.

You will also be asked to perform some evaluation activites on behalf of Rewopme in order to follow up on the progress of your Social Enterprise.