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Rewopme is a community where Social Ventures, Students and Universities across the globe come together to work around real current challenges with the aim of creating social change and a more empowered world.

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Living in a place ranked as one of the most cyber fraudulent countries in the world, in my early twenties I ended up hanging out with the wrong group of guys my own age…


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What people say…

“Caroline trained one of our staff on Bookkeeping, using Wave. The collaboration was a huge success and we are now able to manage our finances properly. Thanks to Rewopme, we can take our Social Enterprise to greater heights”.

Lawrence Alaba Afere , Springboard

“Andrea and Johanna from Germany helped me with designing a logo, business cards and a banner for my organization. Communication was effective and the design was exactly as I envisioned. I am very pleased with the professional outcome and the opportunity to collaborate with passionate students”.

Chipo Zoe Chikomo, Nhanga Trust

“Through Rewopme, Alena from Germany helped us create a logo for our organization. We feel like it brings life to our project and depicts the concept of our idea in a very unique way. The collaboration gave me an opportunity to see branding from a different perspective. We are very satisfied”. 

Thomas, Eureka Initiatives Liberia

“Thanks to Madeline, we now have a solid in-debt business plan. She truly gave her all in the project and we at Takkazi cannot wait to have her come down to Kenya for an internship in October 2017. As a social Start-up facing diverse challenges, Rewopme is there to help find solutions”.   

Emmanuel, Takkazi Kenya

“It was a pleasure working with Chipo in Zimbabwe to create a logo for her organization, Nhanga Trust. The distance between Germany and Zimbabwe was no problem, we all managed to establish great communication. We enjoyed sharing our skills and passion for design and appreciate the opportunity of taking part in such an influential project”.

University: Coburg University, Germany

Andrea & Johanna, Germany

“The collaboration with Emmanuel and Takkazi was successful. They gained an in-depth business plan while I gained helpful knowledge and practice. When I first began business school I had trouble seeing myself operating in a business field. Rewopme provided the perfect platform to engage myself with social entrepreneurship and to practice business in a field I was interested in. Furthermore, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to turn the Rewopme collaboration into a full internship with Takkazi in Kenya from October 2017”.

University: Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

Madeline, USA

“Helping Springboard going soft with the accounting program, Wave was a great experience in terms of working closely with people from a different background and culture. All communication was done through Skype which was no problem. With this new software, I believe they will be empowered to turn this process into a much more efficient one, for their clients as well. I feel very positive about the experience and encourage other university students to get involved as well. Personally, I am looking forward taking on new Rewopme challenges in the future”.  

University: Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain

Caroline, Norway

“I teamed up with Thomas, the founder of Project Peace for Liberia to help him create a logo design for his organization. I personally like helping others and through Rewopme, I was able to put my skills in graphic design into valuable use. It was a great experience getting involved and learning about the amazing work of his project”. 

University: Coburg University, Germany

Alena, Germany

Rewopme + UN SDGs = TRUE

All project challenges of Rewopme are related to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in one way or another. This means that as a Rewoper, by completing a project challenge of the Rewopme community, you will have made a footprint in the efforts towards reaching this particular SDG.

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