Meet the Team

Because we all carry a story.



Our Story

Rewopme is a community started by two Swedish young professionals; who both share a big passion for Social Entrepreneurship and Development. The idea was born in a rickshaw in Kerala, India, where the term ‘Jugaad’ once was coined and today is a recipe for solving social challenges. This specific rickshaw-ride took place after a cup of chai with two incredible change makers on the countryside of Trivandrum, India through which we were connected to stories of extraordinary people from across the globe. These were people that viewed themselves as ordinary, but maintain hope in inspiring the rest of us to join them on an extraordinary journey.

Everywhere we looked, we saw entrepreneurs of all kinds. Everywhere we went, we found change makers and everyone we spoke to inspired us. From that very moment, our outlook on business shifted and our mindset changed.

We were once business students. Lucky to be born in a country where education is a top priority. Realizing this isn’t something to be taken for granted is a lesson we have learned during years of travels all over the world; Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America & Europe. Here we have lived with local people in small communities, volunteered, worked, studied and witnessed how one individual can create a huge impact. Above all, we have seen how collaborating with one another can lead to even greater change.

We want to build a community where Social Enterprises, Students and Young Professionals all around the world come together to create social change. A place that empowers ideas and partnerships, and a community where we celebrate one another as agents of change. A movement of conversations and stories of hope where we start challenging the assumptions and create wealth which sustains us rather than divides us.