Student Ambassador Program

WANTED: Someone like you! 

We’re looking for motivated, outgoing Students with enthusiasm to promote Rewopme on University Campuses across the globe.

As an Ambassador, you will:
  • Learn about the work of Rewopme globally.
  • Act as a campus contact for the Rewopme team. 
  • Help Rewopme understand each University culture. 
  • Plan and host events on campus. 

The Rewopme Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as a link between Rewopme and their Universities. We are seeking students who are passionate about Social Entrepreneurship & care about helping other students achieve greater academic results. You will be developing real- world skills while making a positive impact on campus & society. And of course, there’s a lot in it for you, too.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Build your resume: Include the experience you get working with Rewopme as a Student Ambassador and earn a letter of recommendation for future job opportunities.

  • Improve your public speaking: Present to your peers and professors and gain valuable presentation skills on campus.

  • Stand out from the crowd: Get an international perspective on entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide and how they can help solve global challenges.

  • Grow Your leadership presence: As a Student Ambassador, you will take on a leadership role on your campus…

  • Enhance your Networking skills: Through campus activities and interactions with your fellow students- and ambassadors, make new friends and connection across the world.

  • Gain a Global network: Interact with inspiring and successful Social entrepreneurs worldwide as well as ambitious students. Who knows where this can lead?

Ambassador Requirements 

  • Enrolled in Undergraduate/Postgraduate study.

  • Familiar with the rise of Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Available X hours/ month to spend on activities related to Rewopme.

  • Involved in Student organisations/activities.

  • Comfortable in speaking in front of an audience.


At Rewopme we work with Social Entrepreneurs & Visionaries and Students all across the world.  


If you want to apply directly for the Student Ambassador Program, please click the button below.


If you have any additional questions, we’d love to hear from you.