The Rewopme Ecosystem

The world is a place for everyone and we believe that in order to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals a global and inclusive approach needs to be adopted. Through our community with Challengers, Empowerers and Advocates we want to empower current and future generations by creating win win scenarios for everyone.

At the heart of the Rewopme ecosystem are Project challenges. The challenges are developed by the Social Enterprises based on their current need and situation. All challenges are, in one way or another, related to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Social Ventures

– The challengers

All around the world, Social Ventures and projects are fighting to make this world a better place. Projects that are big on drive but low on resources or/and knowledge and skills, and thereby are in need of external support of various kind. At Rewopme we want to help your Social Venture to get the support that you need.


– The empowerers

Rewopme comes from the word ’empower’ – likewise, if you want to become an ’empowerer’ of Social Ventures of the Rewopme community you will become a ‘Rewoper’!  Students, Young Professionals and Gap Year Travellers are all able to get involved as a Rewoper.

Universities & Student Associations

– The advocates 

Universities have a great and important role they need to fulfill. They decide which type of education they want to provide to their students both in terms of content and working style. Students’ knowledge and skills can be put into practice in a very valuable way by assisting in and solving ‘real-life’ case studies of Social Ventures in real need of the abilities and knowledge of a student.

How to get started


Start getting involved

There are different ways to go to get involved in Rewopme depending on whether you are a Challenger, a Rewoper or an Advocate. Go to our Get Involved section to learn more about why and how.



Once we have received a challenge that can be matched with the skills of a Rewoper ,we’ll make sure both sides get introduced. This is done either through Skype, email or phone – depending on what suits both parties best.


Start Rewoping!

Before the Rewoping process is started, a project challenge agreement needs to be signed by both parties. This is to ensure that both parties fulfill their part in order to complete the challenge. Once this is done, the Rewoping is ready to get started!


Evaluation activities

After completing a project challenge, the Rewoper will receive a digital certificate as a proof of his or her accomplishment. If agreed upon before the start of the challenge, as a representative of the Social Venture you will provide the Rewoper with a letter of recommendation assuming all criteria stated in the project challenge agreement have been fulfilled.

Both sides will also be asked to perform some evaluation activites on behalf of Rewopme in order to follow up on the progress of your Social Venture as well as collecting data for future Rewopers and Entrepreneurs.