Universities & Student Associations

Universities have a great and important role that they need to fulfill. They decide which type of education they want to provide to their students both in terms of content and working style. Students’ knowledge and skills can be put into practice in a very valuable way by assisting in and solving ‘real-life’ case studies of Social Enterprises in real need of the abilities and knowledge of a student. 

Why get involved?


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Teaching & discussion material

Discuss real-life project challenges of Rewopme partners in various study courses. Arrange seminars where students get to challenge  the status quo & think creatively about social challenges around the world and possible solutions.


Thesis collaboration

Encourage students to write  their thesis in relation to the challenges  of Rewopme partners around the world in direct collaboration with the founder.


Case studies

Create case studies about Rewopme partner projects and their challenges. Share them in the online “Case Study Bank” for Universities, institutions,  academics & other interested in gaining access.


Internships & Field Studies

Provide students with the opportunity to do an internship at a Rewopme project  or conduct field studies abroad as part of their thesis.



Get Student Associations to arrange events to spread awareness and interest by having e.g. interactive Skype conferences with founders of Rewopme partners where students have the possibility to ask questions.