Young Professionals

Even if you as a graduate found yourself a job after your studies, you might be interested in gaining (more) experience in a certain area; you might want to improve your CV further; or you might simply be genuinely interested in helping out a project in need for your skills and knowledge.

Why get involved?


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Browse through available Project Challenges

The first thing to do is to look and browse through our available project challenges. All challenges are developed and related to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals.  This means that as a Rewoper, by completing a project challenge of the Rewopme community, you will have made a footprint in the efforts towards reaching this particular SDG.


Project challenge application

Found a challenge that matches your interests and skills? Go ahead and apply! You can also send us an open application to show your interest and we will get back to you if something comes up!


Connecting with your Social Venture partner

If your application was accepted by the Social Venture, we will connect you in order for the ‘Rewoping’ and challenge to get started. Before this, a separate ‘Project Challenge Agreement’ needs to be signed by you as a Rewoper as well as by the representative of the Social Venture. This regards both the task(s) in itself and the timeframe.


Start ‘rewoping’!

Once we have connected you with your Social Venture partner, and the Project Challenge Agreement has been signed, it’s time to start ‘rewoping’! How the challenge should performed (e.g. via Skype or e-mail) is decided between the parties depending on what is most suitable for the task in question.


Digital certificate

After completing a project challenge, you will receive a digital certificate as a proof of your accomplishment; assuming all criteria stated in the project challenge agreement have been fulfilled. Moreover, if agreed to by the representative of the Social Venture, it’s also possible to receive a letter of recommendation. This is something that can be of great value when applying for jobs in the future.